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Every Day I Read Your Stars :: The Pearlfishers

Every Day I Read Your StarsThe PearlfishersThe Young Picnickers

This is such a pretty song. The Pearlfishers are so poppy it's insane. They almost border guilty pleasure - but I stand firm on pure pop.

The songs that this guy writes are perfect pop songs. The lyrics are sweet and mostly about love. And, of course, this song about a guy who reads a girl's horoscope everyday. Obviously, I don't buy into horoscopes but I get the importance of what he's doing. Just trying to understand where she's coming from and she's into the stars.

The sound of this song is really, really flowery. I'm going to say 70s sounding but I always get the 60s and 70s mixed up. Let's just say late 60s/early 70s. How's that?


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