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Hanasakajijii (two: floating world) :: Anathallo

Hanasakajijii (two: floating world)AnathalloFloating World

This is part two of four parts to the song Hanasakajijii. Hanasakajijii is based on an old Japanese folk tale where a guy's dog digs up buried treasure in his yard. His neighbor finds out and decides to borrow the dog to dig up treasure in his yard. When the dog doesn't deliver, he kills him and buries him in the yard. Later, the dog's ghost haunts him.

And this is a kids tale...

The order of the songs on the album have this at part 3 really and it kind of makes sense because in the instrumentation you really feel as if something has died and then came back to life to cause havoc. It's really eerie. It's starts out a pretty-eerie and then half way through goes to chaos-eerie and then back to pretty-eerie and then chaos again to finish out the song.

You really have to hear the full album to appreciate this song fully. It's an amazing song on an amazing album by an amazing group. I'd say that Anathallo is the rock version of Sufjan - in sound and in spirituality.